"The USF Women’s Club is an excellent way to keep updated on what is happening at the University and understanding its role in the community.  The programs are interesting, informative and fun.  In addition, the wide variety of interest groups give members an opportunity to be involved and to meet new friends."


Jean Amuso


“I love the USF Women’s Club Evening Book Group – it exercises my brain, lifts my spirits and feeds my soul”


Catriona Comb

Gasparilla 2015
Gasparilla 2015
Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto
Gasparilla 2015
Day Trippers
Day Trippers
The Club
Gasparilla 2015

"When we moved to Tampa for my husband’s job at USF, I was invited to come to a USF WC meeting and was warmly welcomed by the members.  I joined the Supper Club and formed an Evening Book Group, served on the Board for a few years, and made lifelong friendships.  Even though my husband has retired and we have moved to Albuquerque, I remain a dues paying member — USF WC is that important to me."


Madelynne Johnson

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